Advice on Buying an Iron Man Helmet

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This page will outline different options for purchasing your helmet- in the interest of full disclosure, the links in this article may be affiliate links, which may generate revenue for the site.  This revenue goes to site costs, so it is always appreciated 🙂

When it comes down to it, there really aren’t a whole lot of choices if you want to buy an Iron Man helmet.  What it boils down to is whether you want one that is manufactured or one that is custom  made.


buy iron man helmetCustom made helmets generally start off a little more expensive and can range from mild to wild.  A quick look at eBay or Amazon will show you everything from exact replicas to versions which are customized to the specifications of the customer.

Customer requests can go from a simple replica to one which opens and closes.  But if you have an idea for one that suits your own style, such as the colors of your favorite sports team, do your research and contact vendors on these websites to find out what this will cost.

Most folks want a movie accurate replica, however.  3D printed versions certainly fit that bill and the technology gets more affordable to use every day.

One of the benefits to this is customization.  You can request that the helmet open and close either manually or with motors.  Lighting and sounds can be added as well, but this is all at extra cost so keep this in mind.

Another idea which is gaining popularity is to have a sort of modular 3D printed Iron Man helmet.  It’s crafted from pieces which are easily replaced with another color or design, such as updating the faceplate from the Mark IV to the Mark V.

Off the Shelf

iron man motorcycle helmetYou can buy an Iron Man helmet for kids, versions of Iron Man motorcycle helmets, models meant for Paintball and just about any event people enjoy apart from Cosplay.

Just like with customs, there will be a difference in price for more realistic versions.  You can get a cheap Iron Man helmet for kids, even ones with lights.  They’re great, but adult collectors usually want something a little more special.

This is where companies like Sideshow Collectibles and their competitors come in very handy.  Full size replicas that you can wear, actually made out of metal are available on eBay for considerably less than a lot of speculative collectors had hoped.

This means a bargain for you- check it out and see if you don’t find something in your price range quickly!

So, basically you can buy an Iron Man helmet off the shelf or custom.  Keeping an eye on what you’re spending and what you want in your helmet will help you decide on the best options.

Remember that the options range from mild to wild and no matter which route you choose you’re going to have something really cool to display or give as a gift to an Iron Man fan!

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