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“A Scots youngster is appealing to Iron Man for help in beating a deadly disease.

Aaron Hunter has taken to Twitter to ask the Avenger to take part in a challenge aimed at raising money and awareness of ROHHAD, a rare syndrome that affects appetite and the respiratory system.

And the appeal from the Alexandria youth – who blogs as his heroic alter ego Captain Braveheart – has gone viral, with thousands of people retweeting and and asking Iron Man actor Robert Downie Junior to take part.

In the touching video, Aaron says: “Hello my name is Aaron hunter and i need to speak to Iron Man.

“Iron Man if you see this I really, really need your help

“I have a very bad disease called ROHHAD and it is very hard sometimes

“There isn’t a cure yet, some of my friends with ROHHAD  have died.

“I don’t want any more of my friends to die. We need your help Iron Man”

Brave Aaron, who uses a wheelchair with an oxygen tank, then explains his #GOMADJumpForROHHAD challenge.

He’s calling on celebrities and supporters to film themselves leaping in puddles, then make a donation to the Rohhad Association.

So far it’s been backed by the likes of First Minister Nicola Sturgeon.

Superhero daft Aaron, who is pictured on his blog in a range of heroic costumes, goes on to say: “ROHHAD is evil and i need your help to defeat it.

“I really want to save my friends.

“Can you help me and do my jump for ROHHAD challenge? Loads of other people have done the challenge and I have loved watching their videos

“But it is still not enough money.

“My  mum says you may be coming to Scotland soon, can you please come and see me so i can talk to you about it?

“Please help me Iron Man I love you and I want to become a superhero like you.”

Iron Man actor Downey, along with Samuel L Jackson and Scarlett Johansson are expected in Scotland to film the new £400million Avengers blockbuster, Infinity War.

The movie will be filmed in a range of locations across Glasgow, Edinburgh and the Highlands, which will boost the economy by around £10million.

ROHHAD stands for Rapid Onset Obesity with Hypothalamic dysfunction, Hyperventiliation and Autonomic nervous system Dysregulation.

Sufferers always feel hungry, and in some cases bowels and bladder do not function properly.

Read Aaron’s blog here.


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Viral: Child Reaches out to Iron Man for Help in Defeating ROHHAD

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