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boy-make-a-wish-foundation-iron-man-sydney-5“Everybody dreams of being a Superhero when they’re just a little kid. But one 9-year-old boy named Domenic Pace, with boundless ambition, got to live as the iconic Iron Man for a day. Thanks to the good people over at the Make-A-Wish Foundation, Domenic got to save the city of Sydney, Australia, from the evil Ultron.

Domenic suffers from a battle with cystic fibrosis, so when his parents got the call to see if their son would suit up as Iron Man, they jumped at the opportunity.

Domenic started his day in a park with his family, where he was dropped off by a police helicopter to go on the secret mission.

Police Commissioner Scipione called on the boy to help rescue Hope Joy, a local journalist kidnapped by Ultron and taken to the Sydney Opera House.The NSW police, as well as a flurry of fans lined the streets to watch the boy save their city as they cheered him on to victory.

After arriving by police speed boat, he fought and defeated Ultron on Sydney’s Opera House steps, saving the day.

In an interview on 2GB, Domenic confirmed that the day had been “awesome.”

Assistant Commissioner Lanyon said the force was thrilled to be a part in the wish, “It’s a great opportunity to do something for a little boy and obviously give back to the community,” Assistant Commissioner Lanyon told 2GB.

His mother explained that Domenic had always loved Iron Man, “from a young age he would only answer to Tony,” she said.

make-a-wish-foundation-made-a-boy-iron-man-for-one-epic-day-10-photos-1014“He was a very caring child, more interested in helping children and other people than playing toys. He always wanted to know what was going on around him in the world and how he could help others.

Even Robert Downey Jr. sent Domenic his words of encouragement and praise…

“Hey Domenic, it’s Tony. I’m a little undercover right now. I’ve shaved the beard, hat and glasses, because in case you don’t know there was a civil war recently,” Downey Jr said.
“Trying to keep it on the DL. Anyway, I’ve heard you’ve had quite the day. It’s hard work saving the world isn’t it?
“I hope you had lots of fun. I bet you enjoyed the helicopter ride this morning.
“I just want to wish you all the best. Keep up the good work.
“And listen here, I don’t do this very often, I’m making you an honorary member of the Avengers. I hereby dub thee. Because guess what? Iron Man loves you.”





Kudos to you, Domenic! And keep fighting cystic fibrosis every single day, Champ.”


Source: TheChive

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Make A Wish Grants Iron Boys’ Wish!

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