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“Stark Industries might have a new super suit builder to hire for the company.

“The original design is from, but I built the entire suit from scratch,” Lovell told Mashable. Onekura is a website where users can upload their costume templates for others to use as guidelines.

Lovell took his super suit out for a spin at Supanova Comic-Con and Gaming in April, and we wouldn’t be surprised if con-goers actually thought Robert Downey Jr. was under the suit.

The suit looks a little heavy duty, but is it comfortable enough to fight crime in? 

Lovell commented: “The suit is heavy around the shoulders, but overall is reasonably comfortable to wear. Airflow is fine, bit hot in the chest, but I’ve worn worse in my other costumes.” 

And, hey, he even added in removable plastic finger tips so he can text the Avengers at a moment’s notice – but he says that does makes finger mobility a bit of an issue.

The Iron Man suit isn’t the only project that he’s worked on. Lovell’s Facebook page shows off some of the sweet designs he’s worked on, like an Iron Man bowtie and a Jedi lightsaber. And earlier this year, he was able to set up a 3D printing station in his garage to work on all his creations.

In the Reddit post, Lovell wrote that his creation is proof that perseverance pays off. By the looks of this suit, it totally did.”

Source: Mashable

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