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np_20160428_nmfans6_1243742Check out this heard working cosplayers’ work ethic!

“When it comes to expressing fandom, Mr Ian Toh believes in good ol’ “do it yourself”.

The 31-year-old has been a Marvel fan since the age of 10 and started collecting Marvel comic books as a child. His comic books now line the walls of his bedroom.

As an adult, he makes his own Iron Man costumes and armours.

Since his first DIY project in 2010, he has created more than 12 suits.


It began when Mr Toh came across a forum which had detailed instructions on how to make the suits.

He got in touch “with some people from the Philippines who have been doing it for years”.

FANBOY: Mr Ian Toh has made more than 12 Iron Man suits since he made his first one in 2010. TNP PHOTO: TRACY LOW

They sent him an example set which he used as a guide for his first suit. That took him six months to complete, but he now takes less than a month to make one.

Mr Toh made headlines last year when Peyton Reed, the US director of the 2015 Marvel movie Ant-Man, praised an Ant-Man costume that Mr Toh had made for Zouk’s Halloween party.

Reed called itthe best he had seen.

For Mr Toh, who runs an events company as well as local music school Thunder Rock School, Iron Man is his true love.

He said: “I really connected with Iron Man since I started my own business and saw how important it is to run a business with charm and courage.”

Each suit he completes is a feather in his cap, said Mr Toh.

“Everyone started telling me that what I was doing was amazing, so I learnt ways to improve my suits better and I guess I never really stopped.””


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Amazing Singaporian Iron Man Cosplayer!

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